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  Consulting Skills

  Managing Change

  Performance Management

  Stress Management

  Team Building Events

  Management Development

  Board Appraisal &   development

  Comptencey Based

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FieldHR can help you maximise the development of your people with tailored development programmes, state of the art development centres, provision of access to confidential coaching and mentoring, and provide 360 degree feedback.

We offer a wide range of training programmes in all areas of personal and professional development. Take advantage of our structured trainer led courses or opt for a more flexible approach to suit your business. We can come to your offices to train your staff or provide individual training sessions. We are happy to customise our training to your needs, where you want it, when you want it.

Coaching helps individuals increase their self confidence and learning at work. It is designed to help people set SMART goals and achieve them.

Coaching is a useful mechanism to allow the individual to identify their skills gaps and recognise opportunities for personal development. This way you will see an improvement in their effectiveness and the resulting impact on your bottom line results



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