Organisational Changes

Are you planning to make a change in your business?

FieldHR can help you develop the clarity of your strategy and the benefits that it will bring.

We will help you take an intergrated approach to your change from the impact on your;








  day to day

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HR Services
The development of an effective HR strategy to link people with their roles and the roles with the company vision, is essential for any business to succeed. An HR strategy ensures that people are able to meet current and future demands.

FieldHR can help you get the most out of your people by making this link between your business goals and their needs.

Staff surveys
Its official! Recent research shows a clear link between customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction. FieldHR can help you find out and track the views of your staff in a range of flexible and accessible ways

Change Programmes
Change in any aspect of life depends on your outlook. Some find change stressful and challenging, others feel that change doesn’t happen fast enough!

Your challenge in managing organisational change is to help all your people understand the needs for change and help them plan the best way forward.

This is where FieldHR can help either by assisting you in developing your change programme, crystallising your vision for the future and then working with your managers to help create the right conditions for change.

Investors in People
FieldHR can provide advice and guidance to help you obtain this best practice award and complete an assessment of your processes against the criteria.


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