Do you know who you are looking to recruit?

Understand the skills, experience and competencies you need?

Reduce the risk of making a poor selection decision and know you have the right person for the job

How can this be done?

FieldHR utilises assessment centre technology to help you make an informed decision. These include ability testing and personality questionnaires

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Are you new in business?
FieldHR can help you overcome the wall of employment requirements , providing you with employment contract, policies and procedures which will get you started as an employer

We can help you devise

employment contracts
disciplinary procedures
staff handbooks
role profiles
recruitment strategies

There's so much more. Call us for more information on the services we provide for new businesses.

Selection and Assessment
It is widely accepted that what makes a company successful is it's ability to recruit, develop and retain the right talent. FieldHR can help you achieve your company’s full potential.

We provide full recruitment solutions including job analysis, assessment centres and psychometric testing using assessors qualified to British Psychological Society standards to maximise the possibility of getting the right person with the right skills.

Performance Management
FieldHR will help you achieve continuous improvement in the performance of your people thereby boosting your outputs or performance of your product or service. By setting individuals' key goals, clear and relevant behaviours, reviewing appraisal systems, performance coaching and training, you can track the growth in the development of your people and improve your business results.

HR Health Check
We'll conduct a thorough examination of your policies and procedures to ensure compliance with current and forthcoming EU and UK legislation


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